Excel Beyond the Common Core

Discovery World’s elementary curriculum meets and exceeds the common core standards implemented in California. With exceptionally low ratios, we are able to work with our students individually and in small groups to meet them where they are and take them as deep as they are excited to discover. We also incorporate experiences studying and playing with local businesses.

Every Subject, Every Day

Our lesson plans incorporate STEAM, social sciences, and extracurricular activities daily, not weekly. Though math is offered daily in other elementary school programs, the other parts of STEAM are not typically offered daily.  We believe in daily STEAM!

We believe all branches of this interdisciplinary approach are equally important in developing lifelong learning. We also see childhood as the most crucial time to develop an appreciation for the similarities and differences that exist in the world, approaching diversity as an opportunity that children should view with interest and excitement.

Because of this, we value social sciences and history highly and believe in offering daily opportunities to learn about those in the world around us.

In addition to our innovative curriculum and extracurriculars, our students also enjoy daily enrichment classes at no additional cost.

elementary school teacher helps kindergartener read at discovery world school

Excellent Student Ratios

Ratios are one of the most important factors in educational excellence. Our students enjoy a 10:1 student to teacher ratio.

Individual Pacing

If your child excels in one area and needs extra help in another, we offer opportunities for one-on-one learning to foster both.

Extended Days

We offer full-day and extended-day schedules.  Families can drop off as early as 7:00am and pick up as late as 6:15pm.

Real-World Experiences

We take our learning out and about. Being located in the commercial district of Palos Verdes gives our students a unique opportunity to practice their skills in the community.

For example, we eat at a local restaurant weekly where we can work on our money math, practice mature social interactions, and make healthy choices, all at the same time. We also visit the library, ice skate, and practice karate, just to name a few.

Advanced Intellectual Pursuits

We offer students unique opportunities to create meaningful deliverables such as research reports, scientific experiment design and journaling, and entrepreneurial business ventures.

Discovery World Elementary School Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion