Preparing Young Minds to Thrive

Discovery World’s Early Education School instills a love of learning and strong sense of self in our students by exposing them to a broad range of concepts, objects, and experiences from the world around them. Every two week unit from September to December, our students “work” in a different industry, such as entrepreneurship, technology, and entertainment. In every two week unit from January to August, our students “visit” a new and exciting country to explore the complexity and diversity of our planet. Within each unit, we introduce our students to advanced cognitive, cultural, and social aspects of that industry or part of the world, and we follow up our discoveries with activities that promote creative, character, and physical development.

Through this highly stimulating curriculum that progressively builds on each developmental level, students learn about themselves and their world around them. Our unified, themed curriculum provides a powerful framework for teaching young children about the complex and diverse nature of the world. Our goal in doing this is to equip our students with a broad knowledge base so that, when they transition from the self-centered understanding of the world that is developmentally inherent in younger children to a more global perspective, they will have the necessary tools to succeed and thrive in it.

In addition to our innovative curriculum, our students also enjoy daily enrichment classes at no additional cost.

Children learning to count and do math


Three to Four Year Olds

Adventurers learn by questioning their environment and forming hypotheses to test. They continue to learn letter sounds as well as upper and lower case letters. Furthermore, they learn to use numbers to count.


Two to Three Year Olds

Our explorers learn about their world through sensory and cause-and-effect experiences. Each child learns to express themselves and learns concepts about their world through comparisons and contrasts. Additionally, they learn about letters, shapes, and numbers.

Boy Learning about Space and science


Four to Five Year Olds

Academically, Discoverers spend the first three months of the year with a review of their letters and numbers before moving on to learning site words, sounding out written words, addition, and subtraction.

This class serves as a capstone to the preschool experience. By providing the framework to take the curriculum even further, our students create their own experiments and inventions. For example, our students learn why the Earth spins around the Sun and why Australia has so many marsupials, among many other lessons.

Creadores (Spanish Immersion)

Three and a Half to to Five Year Olds

Students enrolled in our Spanish program begin the school year with a mix of English and Spanish to give each child the basic words they need to begin understanding Spanish. After three months, the class moves to an immersion curriculum. Our curriculum is designed for basic fluency in two years, yet some of our students are able to start conversing in Spanish within their first year.