Developing Advanced Skills

We offer daily enrichment courses to all of our preschoolers. These enrichment activities develop advanced skills and provide additional education opportunities. No additional fees or tuition are required.

Yoga – Monday

In our yoga enrichment class, the children are introduced to yoga poses and breathing techniques, which helps improve their mindfulness, coordination, flexibility, focus, and self-esteem.  Each instructor typically holds either a 200-hour or a 500-hour yoga certification, and they are specially trained to teach young children.

Mandarin – Tuesday

Our Mandarin Chinese foreign language classes are taught by native instructors from Taiwan.  These classes are conducted to attract children to the possibility of speaking another language. Hands-on activities, visuals, and songs are the same methods that children learn their first language. Enjoy a short clip of one of our Mandarin classes on our gallery page.

Children learning yoga in enrichment class
Playing with Animal Friends

Animal Adventures – Wednesday

On Wednesdays, animal friends bring excitement to the classroom with enriching, hands-on experiences! These live animal presentations intrigue our students and excite them to learn more about wildlife. Nature and science students are introduced to a large variety of safe and friendly animals. Each week, the children meet a different animal, from reptiles to insects to mammals to exotic birds and even amphibians.

Music and Movement – Thursday

Professionally trained music teachers will enrich your child’s knowledge of folk songs from the countries they are learning about in our curriculum. We dance, play instruments, and sing a variety of songs. Between songs, we also explore concepts like pitch, rhythm, and music scales.

Math and Science – Friday

We have developed an innovative STEMd (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Design/Art) program that brings the wonderful STEM world to preschoolers. To young children, science and math are engaging and magical; they open up opportunities for exploration, imagination, and creativity. Throughout the year, we will launch rockets, excavate fossils, build machines, invent contraptions, and grow gardens – just to name a few! We will practice science and math skills: applying the scientific method, quantifying our results, working together in small groups, and using our safety equipment.

Children Learning about Space