Developing Advanced Skills

We offer daily enrichment courses to all of our preschoolers. These enrichment activities develop advanced skills and provide additional education opportunities. No additional fees or tuition are required.

Critter Squad – Monday

In this hands-on session, children get an unforgettable learning experience with an educational presentation and animal meet and greet.  They enjoy natural movements, experience beautiful colors, explore unique body textures, and create wonderful memories with different animals each week.

Yoga – Tuesday

 In this high energy class, children are introduced to the concepts of yoga in a fun and playful way. Certified yoga instructors will teach your child breathing and relaxation techniques as well as poses and games to strengthen their yoga knowledge. Your child’s creativity will flourish as we take an imaginary adventure to the yoga rain forest one week and the yoga farm the next! Every week is different in this yoga series to continuously engage your child.

Children learning yoga in enrichment class
Playing with Animal Friends

Karate – Wednesday

Through active drills and games, students will practice coordinating their bodies and minds.  While learning basic karate skills, the students will also learn about the fundamental principles and styles of karate.  One objective will be for students to learn to channel physical energy productively while gaining self-control and discipline.

Music and Movement – Thursday

In this high energy class, children are introduced to the concepts of basic dance by an accomplished dance teacher.  We learn about music from different countries and dance to the music.  We also learn classical dance moves as we work on our coordination, following instructions, and rhythm.

Spanish – Friday

Spanish lessons are given with a native instructor.  Classes are conducted to attract children to the possibility of speaking another tongue.  Hands on, visuals and songs are the conducive method used in the same way a child learns their first language.

Children Learning about Space