A Strong Emotional Foundation

Discovery World’s Infant Center instills a solid emotional foundation in our youngest little explorers by introducing them to a variety of experiences and skills. Each day our infants enjoy sensory and spatial experiences; learn self-help, language, and motor skills; and engage in creative and social activities.

This structure familiarizes infants with their own bodies, as well as things and people in the world around them, so they will approach life with a sense of confidence and understanding. By equipping infants early with a sense of confidence and understanding, they enter the world with a strong sense of self-worth and pride, making them much more likely to challenge themselves without fear of failure and entertain themselves with their own imagination.

Small Class Sizes

Teachers focus on healthy development through experiential active learning in very low ratio groups of 3:1 and 4:1.

Babies holding hands and sharing toys


3 Months to 8 Months

Infants are encouraged to explore the world around them. In our Investigators classroom, infants are introduced to various sensory experiences and are encouraged to develop attachments to their teachers to feel safe and comfortable in their environment.

Additionally, we foster independence by teaching each child sign language, so they may communicate their needs more effectively before being able to communicate verbally.


8 Months to 24 Months

As infants learn how to move about their environment, they further explore and learn about their world. Our spacious classrooms and variety of toys ensure your infant will enjoy a fun and educational environment.

Our teachers continue to teach the young children sign language and lead the children in circle-time songs, finger plays, and flannel stories. They introduce the children in our Navigators classroom to sensory, art, fine motor, and gross motor activities.

Crawling Babies Playing together
Infants exploring books and pictures in high chairs

Early Explorers

18 Months to 34 Months

Our toddlers develop their verbal language skills, so they can clearly communicate their wants, needs, and opinions about their world.

We continue to use sensory-driven lessons and encourage each toddler in our Early Explorers class to use their own words to describe their experiences. Additionally, we promote self-help and character-building skills, such as serving themselves, putting their shoes on, and putting their own toys away.