Highest Standards of Cleanliness

With young children, we understand that cleanliness is one of our parents’ highest priorities.  Our facilities are professionally cleaned daily. On top of that, we disinfect infant toys and equipment throughout each day, and we disinfect preschool toys and equipment at least twice each week. And we don’t stop there!

We take the opportunity to deep clean the facilities on the weekends, as well as prepare for the next week’s lesson plans.  This includes sterilization in our NSF certified dishwasher, surface dusting and disinfecting, cleaning of outdoor areas, and cleaning under furniture and along baseboards.  All cleaning supplies are locked safely out of the reach of our children.

Healthy Meals

We offer a healthy, homemade school lunch program that coincides with the country we are studying. With over thirty five years of experience with children, we know how to select recipes that are child appropriate, nutritious – using organic food when possible, and fun to eat. Our lunch program is served family style and we teach the children how to use their utensils, passing food, serving themselves, and table etiquette.

Small Class Sizes

With some of the best teacher-to-student ratios around, our teachers spend time with each child individually, helping them through their transitions and growth so that they can take their development to the next level and create a nurturing environment to take new risks in trying new things.

Uncompromising Safety and Security

The safety and the security of your children are our top priorities.  Our safety measures include:

  • Video surveillance of all classrooms and entryways.
  • Photo identification and pre-approval required for someone to pick-up your child.
  • Extensive background checks of all teachers, including FBI, DOJ, Child Abuse records databases fingerprint and criminal history checks.
  • CPR and first-aid certification for all staff.
  • Secure child pick-up and drop-off area, requiring PIN number to access.
  • Child-proof furniture and equipment (i.e. non-tippable tables, capped electrical outlets, etc…)
  • Emergency evacuation plan in place.
  • Shaded outdoor play area.


Infant Room

Our infant center is large and spacious, with stimulating colors and toys to enrich your baby’s life.

Creator Room

Our large preschool classrooms have areas for exploration, circle time, and small group projects.


Our playground has areas for make-believe, construction, climbing, running and playing. We also have an art and music area.